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Project Management Course for Fresh Start Entrepreneurs

Fresh Start, with the cooperation of the PMI Belgium, organized a Project Management workshop on 28th of March. The project management skills are important for entrepreneurs and our participants are very grateful for the workshop that Frank Turley delivered in our sponsor’ venue (Ofix), in Zaventem.

Our participants had the pleasure to attend to the practical PMI Learn Thru Practice PM workshop on with 8 other people from different sector. Most of our participants were new to project management and this was actually for some of them first exposure to project management. Here's an overview of the three top things that we learned, practiced in workshop.

During the workshop we created a Project Charter (Project Summary) which is like a high level vision document for the project and gives the project a direction and destination. Then, the trainer started off with some very simple examples which made it easy to understand each steps in project cycle. Finally, we prepared the scenario project which helped us to understand how to implement a project.

Why project Management skills are important?

Project management has become a part of not only today’s business but also our daily lives. It helps us managing complex tasks in our business and also organize a birthday party at home. However, managing projects is not a cushy tasks and has a multi-faced issue. It entails a profound level of understanding project planning, time managing, scheduling, reporting, quality, communication, tracking, etc.

Due to the rapid development in technology, project management practices has also seen a huge transformation, switching from using pen & paper to emails and now using project management software programs. There are several online PM tools that have been using in different sectors.

According to a PWC, % 97 of companies believe the significance of project management both in organizational success and business performance.

Now let’s look at the benefits of Project Management

Firstly PM helps team members to understand the project plan, project aims and project progresses which means half of the success already reached if you begin a project the right way.

Secondly it help you to prepare a realistic planning, what can be delivered by when and for how much. In addition the realistic plan helps you how to make use of recourses to the best benefits of a project.

Thirdly, with the help you project management you can recognise potential risks and threats that might hamper the overall progress of your project.

Fourthly, it also help team members to adhere the deadlines, budgets, project standards and quality control.

To sum up, project management has an important role to understand different objectives and project deliverables, to satisfy needs of the stakeholders, to achieve the desired results, to use resources effectively.

Project Management skills

Project management is not an easy job, it includes initiation, planning, execution, auditing etc. The right project management skills have a significant effect on both success and completion of a project. There are several project management skills; leadership, communication, scheduling, task; management, negotiation, team management, critical thinking, risk management, quality management, sense of humour.

As a Fresh Start besides our 12 session course, we help our participants to improve their project management skills. In the PM course 10 Fresh Starters had a chance to improve their skills and the course gave us to learn how to apply the PM methodology in any job.

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