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ICT Solutions for Fresh Start Entrepreneurs

In last decades, ICT has been introduced all segment of our lives. It brings new opportunities for businesses, individuals (i.e. enhance networking and communication, sharing knowledge). With the ICT tools several sources information become more accessible and available which has a significant role in efficiency and effectiveness in business. ICT make it possible to test different decision making scenarios or business ideas. That’s why ICT has been a significant tool for creating an developing entrepreneurial skills. Some of the notable contribution of ICT in entrepreneurship includes are; access to markets, virtual and efficient business coordination, advertising and marketing communication, increasing revenue streams and saving time/money, teleconferencing: As a Fresh Start, we both benefit from ICT tools in our courses and we emphasis on the significant of these tools in entrepreneurship. For example, in our well- being course we focus on Scenario Planning, which is a method used by business corporations, think tanks, organizations, universities, academics, NGOs to think about the future based on various possibilities how the future might unfold with all of its uncertainties. Several studies argue that by 2030, ICT tools will become indispensable part of any businesses. In our 7 Ps Marketing course, we also give information on how to benefit from new technologies and digital marketing (such as social media) in business marketing.

In addition to our 12 training sessions, we also provide specific ICT courses to our participants. Fresh Start participants ( who have ICT background and would like to improve their competences) have attended DigiLEON project courses. This project offers two important courses for acquiring competences in coding and growing to become a skilled ICT-er. Participants can choose from the sessions in Game Technology: UNITY 3D, and/or sessions in Web Technology: HTML5, CSS en Javascript.

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