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Migrant Entrepreneurship

The Fresh Start project intends to help accelerate the integration of new migrants into European societies; it will respond to the needs of those with entrepreneurial aptitudes and ambitions to help them gain the skills and tacit knowledge needed to become entrepreneurs within a European social and economic context.

It will help in restoring and enhancing the self-confidence for the people involved; It will foster the acceptance of this group and of migrants in general in their new societies; It will make them financially more powerful and less dependent on government-support. It will demonstrate to their peers and personal networks and communities that Europe is a society of opportunity that wants to encourage entrepreneurialism and ensure that all can achieve a decent livelihood.


This project will deploy the principles of co-learning. This co-learning principle will help to bring about the explicit request in the call for collaboration and bridging between mainstream business support and migrant entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial learning is collaborative learning – working with people, peers and business people. We expect to foster a ‘key player effect’ or ‘peer effect’ amongst the communities from which our beneficiaries are drawn. In simple terms, it is the principle that increases in activities within a social group, leads to further increases in the same activity or behaviour amongst additional individuals.

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