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About the project

 24 months starting 1st of   June 2017 

 3 countries  

 120 migrant   entrepreneurs supported 



Providing first generation migrants with routes to social and economic inclusion through encouraging and supporting their entrepreneurial talents

The Fresh Start programme will support 120 migrant entrepreneurs across 3 EU states over 2 years, offering them the chance to acquire the skills and abilities necessary for a future as an entrepreneur.

Our aim is very much to go beyond the simple provision of support. We want to develop and pilot a platform that can be replicated and scaled, to create an ecosystem of support services to empower and enable migrants, nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit. We provide access to local knowledge, networks and businesses to help migrants to navigate the system in their host country, and to support their start-up enterprises.

Fresh Start will offer support across three dimensions identified as best practice by EC publications:

Competencies and skills

Through the delivery of individual and group business support, legal advice etc.

Social capital

Through mentoring and networking events

Tangible needs

Access to a business support community 

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